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Opal and Ruby went to the Curl Up & Dye Beauty Parlor to get all dolled up for the rodeo. Rhinestones and wranglers and ringlets abound.  Opal was there to add curls to her straight blonde hair, so that she could look like Ruby, and Ruby was there to dye her curly red hair into…

The Mermaid of East Moon Lake

It was late November on East Moon Lake. The day was grey and the air did sting. A duck hunter and his yellow dog, Turtle, were wading out in the water. They moved synchronized and slow like slugs. Wearin’ camouflage from head to toe to tail to gun. The whole world was only a few…


It was a Wednesday of all days. Smack dab in the middle. Everything was so sapphire. The sky. The sea. The ships orbiting the sea-foam spewing from Poseidon’s lips. Silver fish floppin like flapjacks on cream-colored sand, hives of jellyfish, flocks of feathers, buckets of crabs, blue and surf. Then at noon o’clock, while I was…

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